Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Review - Sunscription Box - Pop In a Box

Pop in a Box

 I though I would try another subscription box, Pop in a Box is Pop's send you for a small fee for 1 pop a month is about £9 plus postage and packing. 

You can choose what areas your interested in, and what you don't want. 

For me I chose to have Star Wars as something I was something interested in, but I forgot that they send sometimes good characters and other characters that you think who was that!

I got Varmix - who?
Okay what not I was expecting by any means, but the delivery was really quick, I ordered on the Thursday and got the figure by the Saturday which was really good, so top marks on that

So overall 

Ease of Website: 4/5
Price of Subscription: 3 1/2 /5 (I was expecting better for 1 a month)
Choice of Figures: 4/5 (easy to select what you want)
Delivery: 4/5 (as explained)
Figure you receive: 2/5 (would have liked one that I knew who the character is instead of going on wikiepdeia)



Have you tried pop in a box any good pop's you received?

Nic xx


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Other - Coming Back to Blogging

Coming Back to blogging 

Hi guys it seems ages since I updated this blog; I had ideas these were not written, pressure to change job, hospital appointments and depression. So I have to decide to write a couple of blogs general reviewing a couple of subscription boxes that I receive, in the hope that this will be get some traffic coming back to my blog. 

Hope you enjoy the posts :)

Nic xx

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